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Bettie Petrowski
Bettie in 1954
Bettie Petrowski
Portrayed by Rebecca Lowman
Episode Committed
Status Deceased (1954)

Bettie Petrowski was a Jane Doe victim from 1954 who appeared in Committed.


At some point in 1954, she had a breakdown from her manic depression, almost killing her son when they were baking sweets. As a result, she was sent to a mental institution. While in the institution her husband, Terrence Petrowski, came to end their relationship after finding another woman who could make a better mother for their son, Otis Petrowski. With her being deeply devoted to her son, she switched places with Carmen Hays so she could be lobotomized, in hopes she could return to her family.

Unfortunately for her, that plan wasn't successful as the head of the hospital sought to cover this up, and had Anton de la Rosa kill her.

She has two living relatives, her son Otis Petrowski and her granddaughter Claudia Petrowski.