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Beth Reardon in 1992
Beth in 1992
Beth Reardon in 2004
Beth in 2004
Beth Reardon
Portrayed by Hilary Salvatore (1992)
Kathy Christopherson (2004)
Episode Late Returns
Status Alive

Beth Reardon was the best friend/schoolmate/classmate of murder victim Vanessa Prosser. But secretly, she was a closeted lesbian and Vanessa was the target of her affection. But she had enough of love-related issues: her obsessive, stalker ex-boyfriend/fiancé Aaron Dutra and her newest boyfriend, David Lake, the campaign coordinator of the group she was a part of. Beth would be accused of slaughtering Vanessa because she rejected her; she only thought of Beth as a friend. David and his sister, Abbey would be found guilty but only Abbey could be brought into custody!