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Benny Rosen
Benny in 1978
Benjamin "Benny the Rose"
Isaac Rosen
Portrayed by Conor Dubin
Episode Disco Inferno
Status Deceased (1978)

Benjamin "Benny the Rose" Rosen was a Jewish disco dancer in 1978. He held a relationship with Sonya Witkowski, a shiksa (non-Jewish girl). His parents objected not only to this relationship, but Benny's affinity for disco. His father, David Rosen, wanted Benny to change, but he wouldn't. Benny had also been somewhat involved with Doreen Denova, The Bell nightclub's disco champion from the year prior. Doreen attempted to seduce Benny into dancing with her so she could win, as she feared Sonya would win the crown. When Benny rebuffed her advances, she hired Paul Chaney, the nightclub owner's son, to shoot Benny in the leg so he wouldn't be able to compete. Paul followed Benny around like "an annoying kid brother" (according to Sonya) because he idolized him. Benny immediately recognized Paul and the two got into an argument. Benny insulted Paul by calling him the worst disco dancer in Philly, prompting Paul to shoot him right between the eyes. Paul, horrified at what he'd done, set fire to The Bell to cover up the murder. This, in turn, caused the deaths of 22 other people (and Chaney's father, since he drank himself to death after The Bell burned to the ground). Benny's ghost appears to Sonya in 2004 after his murder is solved and he dances with her.