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Bennett Cahill 1981
Bennett in 1981
Bennett Cahill 2003
Bennett in 2003
Bennett Cahill
Portrayed by Howard Holcomb (1981)
Vincent Ventresca (2003)
Episode Love Conquers Al
Status Arrested

Bennett Cahill was a then popular teenage boy who along with his then girlfriend, Jane brutally killed Paige Pratt, a teenage girl who Bennett Cahill started messing around with behind Jane's back in 1981. Bennett and Paige started their affair when they met after their schools, Jefferson High and Crespi High competed in a sport event, specifically a track race. In weakness and probaby also because she's a very attractive girl, Bennett had sex with Paige in his car after seeing her alone; she missed her ride. Maybe also because he was frustrated that he and Jane weren't intimate. Since then, specifically now in 2003, he’s a surgeon and single man.