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Beanie 1953
"Beanie" in 1953
Beanie 2008
"Beanie" in 2008
Ben "Beanie" Emerson
Portrayed by Andrew Ducote (1953)
James Carraway (2008)
Episode Pin Up Girl
Status Alive

Ben "Beanie" Emerson was a teenage boy when he stalked Rita Flynn, a model, in 1953. He was the president of Rita's fan club. Beanie was briefly a suspect in Rita's murder since he was stalking her and broke into her dressing room once to steal some of her personal belongings. In interrogation, Beanie admits his behavior was zealous, but he was in Florida with his parents at the time of her death.

He followed Rita one night to a seedy bar called The Red Curtain and there they found that her friend Betty Sue Baker was working as a stripper.