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Beau Munger in 1985
Beau in 1985
Beau Munger in 2004
Beau in 2004
Beau Munger
Portrayed by Mat Hostetler (1985)
J.P. Hubbell (2004)
Episode Greed
Status Alive

Beau Munger was a former employee of stockbroker Charles Danville, who was brutally murdered in 1985.


Along with Kip Crowley and Randy Price, Beau was employed by Blaine and Sons before working for Danville.


Like Randy, Beau knew that Danville's company, Nevrex, was a "boiler room scam". One night, Beau had been sent by Danville to give their cocaine supplier, Teddy Mars, a briefcase with the $13,000 Danville owed him. Afterwards, Beau went to return Danville's watch (which Teddy had taken as collateral), only for Danville to hit on him, after which Beau left Nevrex.

On the night of Danville's murder, he was with his girlfriend, hence his quick elimination as a suspect.