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Beatrice Sloan
Beatrice in 1970
Beatrice Sloan
Portrayed by Meagan Good
Episode Soul
Status Deceased (2009)

Beatrice Sloan is a character from "Soul". She was a secretary and scout for Ronde Brooks in 1970.

Beatrice found Billy Sanders at The Hive and got him hired at Ronde Records as a session drummer. He quickly became a composer. They also became a couple.

One night, Beatrice and Billy quarreled because she was pregnant. All their issues finally came to light: Beatrice felt that Billy was ashamed of her because he never introduced her to his parents, she is concerned about his drinking, and most of all, she didn't feel like he was ready to be a father. She left for Baltimore soon after. Billy never followed her there.

Beatrice had a son, Archie Sloan, who she raised on her own. She became a grandmother when Archie himself had a son. Beatrice seemed unaware of Billy's death because she told Archie that his father was a drunken bum. She died in 2009, still believing that Billy had abandoned her and their son. Archie had his estranged father's case reinvestigated.

It turned out that Billy was murdered by his friend Chandra Patterson. Chandra was always jealous of Beatrice and became enraged when Billy got her pregnant.