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Barbara " Sunshine" Lakey (born on 29 May 1964) is the biological daughter of Hilary West and Huck Oberland.


Barbara Lakey 1964

Barbara after her birth in 1964

Her parents were both 17 years old at the time of her birth. Hilary was murdered by Karen Watson when her daughter was only a few hours old.

Barbara was adopted by a good family and had a son in 1998. She was unaware of her adoption until two months after her foster mother's death in 2007. Barbara discovered her original birth certificate from St. Mary's Home For Unwed Mothers in her foster mother's belongings and learned her birth mother, Hillary, was found dead outside the home. She requested Detective Lilly Rush to reopen her mother's case.

After the murder was solved, Barbara met her biological father, Huck, and maternal grandmother, Patricia West, for the first time. Patricia gave Barbara her old baby blanket and a tape Hillary made so her daughter (nicknamed "Sunshine") would hear her voice. At home that evening, Barbara "saw" her mother's ghost smiling at her.