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Barbara Carise 1995
Barbara in 1995
Barbara Carise 2004
Barbara in 2004
Barbara Carise
Portrayed by Lisa Dean Ryan
Episode Hubris
Status Alive

Barbara Carise was one of several women who had affairs with Roy Minard during his time as a university professor around 1994. By 1995, their relationship was over and Roy had moved on to another student, Holly Richardson.

During a party at the Elizabethan Club on May 11, Barbara and Holly both noticed Roy with his wife and son. Although Holly had known Roy was married, she was clearly troubled at the sight of his family. Barbara, having been in Holly's exact position, urged her not to get in too deep with Roy, as he wouldn't leave his wife and would likely move on to another girl soon.

Holly was murdered that very night, with Roy being the prime suspect. In 2004, Barbara was questioned about her relationship with Roy by Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens. Barbara, who was now a member of the university faculty, had since come to understand how easy it was to impress students as Roy had and how unethical his actions were. Nevertheless, she didn't believe Roy was guilty, telling detectives that it was Holly who was upset at Roy, not the other way around.