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Artie Russo 1983
Artie in 1983
Artie Russo 2004
Artie in 2004
Artie Russo
Portrayed by Erik McDowell (1983)
Jay Karnes (2004)
Episode It's Raining Men
Status Alive

Artie Russo is a character from "It's Raining Men".

He was in a relationship with Jeff Kern in 1983. They found out that he was HIV-positive. Jeff did everything he could to save Artie's life but he was the one who got killed instead. Jeff's father Ben Kern got Artie fast-tracked through an anti-AIDS vaccine trial, which eventually saved his life.

In 2004, Artie asked the cold case team to solve Jeff's case before he marries his longtime partner, Russell Bennett. They get married at the end of the episode and Artie sees Jeff's spirit as they walk back up the aisle.