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Aces in 1953
Aces in 2007
Arthur "Aces" Brown
Portrayed by Brandon O'Neil Scott (1953)
Cal Gibson (2007)
Episode Devil Music
Status Alive

Arthur Brown, better known as Aces, is a character from "Devil Music".

In 1953, he worked as a busboy at the Five-and-Dime owned by Ed Valentine. There, Aces bonded with Ed's nephew Bingo Zohar over their shared love of rhythm and blues despite the racism and conformity in their town.

He was fired after Bingo accidentally left behind an R&B record in the diner jukebox and Ed blamed Aces for it. Bingo apologized to him but Aces only emphasized their racial differences and that no one will appreciate black music in the mainstream. He even dared Bingo to write his own song.

In 2007, Aces owns a blues club. After the case is solved, he sees Bingo's spirit performing like a real life rock & roll star.