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Antonio Mendez in 2000
Antonio in 2000
Antonio Mendez in 2004
Antonio in 2004
Antonio Mendez
Portrayed by Aris Alvarado
Episode Discretion
Status Alive

Antonio Mendez is a character from "Discretion".

He was accused of raping and killing 22-year-old college grad Stacey Hall in 2000 as just a then 17-year-old boy. However, the real perpetrators were two wealthy white college students, the Kennedy brothers. Antonio was intentionally made out as the culprit by corrupt detective Salvador Martin because of his biased nature; being a barely literate kid from the barrio made Antonio the perfect scapegoat. Sal also killed ADA Greg Vizcaino, who became determined to save Antonio as he uncovered the whole plot.

Antonio suffered in prison and nearly took his own life. Fortunately, he was exonerated four years later after Greg's case was solved and reunited with his mother. Scotty Valens sees Greg's spirit looking on at the reunited mother and son.