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Annabelle Bennet 1968
Annabelle in 1968
Annabelle Bennet 1969
Annabelle in 1969
Annabelle Bennet 2010
Annabelle in 2010
Annabelle Bennet
Portrayed by Christa B. Allen (1968/1969)
Mimi Kuzyk (2010)
Episode Free Love
Status Alive

Annabelle Bennet is a character in "Free Love". She met David Quinn on the train in 1968 as she was about to attend Cornell University while he was going overseas to Vietnam. The attraction was instant and she gave him her copy of Catch-22 to remember her by.

A year later, Annabelle went to the Woodstock music festival where she met David again and rekindled their relationship. They kissed under a tree and then made love in the barn of Al Wasserlauf. David told her that he did not wish to do a second tour and wanted to run away with her to Canada. He asked Annabelle to wait for him under their tree while he went to sell his car to Al. She waited but eventually left, thinking that going to Canada was crazy. She never heard from David again.

Annabelle has become Congresswoman Bennett of New York by 2010. She was visited by Philadelphia detective Lilly Rush and FBI agent Ryan Cavanaugh about solving David's murder. She told them that he went to sell his car to Al. His car had never been found, which pinned the murder on Al. Annabelle also found out that David came back looking for her under their tree. In the epilogue, she imagines seeing David looking dashing in his uniform like the day they met on the train.

She also has this other subplot about infiltrating a terrorist hippie commune but it is not important.