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Anna Vizcaino in 2000
Anna in 2000
Anna Vizcaino in 2004
Anna in 2004
Anna Vizcaino
Portrayed by Alexandra Barreto
Episode Discretion
Status Alive

Anna Vizcaino was the wife of ADA Greg Vizcaino in "Discretion".

She was a very supportive and loving wife to her husband and mother to their two daughters. However, Anna harbored a dark secret, only known by her husband and a small group of individuals: she had a drug habit since her college years. Greg tried to get her to quit, to no avail. Unfortunately, his death in 2000 would be the reason for Anna finally becoming clean.

In 2004, Anna got the team to reopen her husband's case and clear his name of the shady activities he was believed to have been involved in.