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Anna in 2006
Anna Gunden
Portrayed by Mackenzie Mauzy
Episode Running Around
Status Deceased (2006)

Anna Gunden is an Amish girl who was murdered during her Rumspringa by Jakob Beachy.


Anna grew up on an Amish settlement in Lancaster with her mother, Miriam, and younger sister, Sarah. On her 16th birthday, she went on Rumspringa with her friend Rachel Wagler, excited to experience life in the urbanized world.

Whilst on Rumspringa, Anna and Rachel went to Philadelphia where they met up their friend Jakob, and later Vince Patrielli. Anna began a relationship with Vince, attracted to his mysterious, bad-boy nature. Unfortunately, during a trip to the beach, Anna learned Vince wasn't the man she thought he was, having raped Rachel.

Months later, she was found dead outside a club with no identification, being marked as a Jane Doe.

A year later in 2007, when it was time for Sarah to go on her own Rumspringa, she only cared about finding her sister, concerned after Anna stopped writing home. Anna's case was brought to the cold case team, which led to her fate being revealed: She was murdered by Jakob, who stabbed her with a knife he stole from Vince when Anna refused to help him return to their community, choosing to tough Rumspringa out.

Her body was transported to Lancaster for her burial. In the epilogue, Sarah imagines Anna seeing her off as she also goes on Rumspringa.