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Anil Patel in 1999
Anil in 1999
Anil Patel in 2007
Anil in 2007
Anil Patel
Portrayed by Faran Tahir
Episode A Dollar, A Dream
Status Alive

Anil Patel is murder victim Marlene Bradford's former boss in the episode "A Dollar, A Dream".

Anil was running his own grocery store back in 1999. He hired Marlene since she was looking for a job that could provide for her and her two daughters' needs ever since they lost her husband and everything they owned. He was seen by Vita Chacon arguing with Marlene because of a parking incident, as she she parked in the customers lot.

The detectives determined that the gun found at the crime scene which was used to kill Marlene was once owned by and licensed to Anil. He was called up to the station and interrogated about Marlene's death. Almost 8 years ago when Marlene went missing, the I.N.S. found Anil's practice of hiring illegal immigrants at his store reason enough to shut down his business permanently. They suspected he blamed Marlene for this loss and killed her. However, he denied those accusations and said that Marlene was a good employee. The detectives were skeptical but Anil explained that he did previously own the gun, for the store. He gave it to Marlene "for her own protection". It was later revealed that the gun was lastly used by Vincent Hopper to kill Marlene.

After Marlene's case was laid to rest, Anil was now shown working at the restaurant Zinger's. He gives some leftover food he wrapped to a homeless mother and her two daughters at the employees' entrance, just like how Anil lent a helping hand to his former employee and her daughters the last time he saw them.