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Angelo Rivera in 1986
Angelo in 1986
Angelo Rivera in 2009
Angelo in 2009
Angelo Rivera
Portrayed by Ronnie Alvarez (1986)
Jacob Vargas (2009)
Episode Dead Heat
Status Alive

Angelo Rivera is a character from "Dead Heat". He came from Mexico to America working for Juan Diaz, burying dead horses whose meat can't be sold.

Angelo wanted to be a jockey and was mentored by Sonny Sandoval. He had a drug problem but Sonny forgave him for everything. Angelo's big moment came when he won the William Penn Million Dollar Derby. After the race, Angelo offered condolences to Sonny because his horse Firewalker died in a fire. He was warned by Sonny not to stay too long in the sport because he'll lose his health too.

Angelo hit rock bottom after Sonny disappeared but he picked himself back up and got clean.

Angelo teaches equestrianism to kids in 2009. He was briefly arrested for Sonny's death but he was proven innocent. Sonny was actually murdered by his son, José Sandoval, who hated Angelo and kept pointing the police at him. Angelo watched Jose get arrested. After the case is closed, Angelo imagines seeing Sonny riding Firewalker while he's teaching a kid to ride.