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Andy in 2006
Andy Rierdan
Portrayed by Ryan Lane
Episode Andy in C Minor
Status Deceased (2006)

Andy Rierdan was a handsome, popular, and intelligent deaf 17-year-old high school senior and musician who was murdered by his best friend, Carlos Ramirez.


Prior to the arrival of Emma Walker, Andy and his best friend, Carlos, planned to attend Galludet together. However, when Andy began spending time with Emma who was volunteering at his deaf school, his friendship with Carlos took a hit. Carlos began to spiral, believing Andy would forget all about him while spending all his time with his “girlfriend“. He also believed that Emma would take Andy away from him and the others in their circle since she wasn't deaf. As Andy grew closer to Emma, he decided that he wanted to get a cochlear implant, which initially upset his parents. They tried guilting him into not getting it and ending his relationship with Emma. Emma then gave Andy the key to the storage room.

Andy ended up getting a cochlear implant with his father's permission. Carlos had gone with him, hoping to get one too. Unfortunately, Carlos was born deaf and wasn't a good candidate while Andy lost his hearing at the age of 7. After Andy got the cochlear, he headed back to the school and began playing the piano in the basement, overjoyed to hear music again. As Carlos watched him, he felt jealous, angry, and abandoned by his best friend and as a result, lost it and killed Andy with the metronome that Andy had been using.