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Andrew Garrett in 1991
"Huxtable" in 1991
Andrew Garrett in 2009
"Huxtable" in 2009
Andrew "Huxtable" Garrett
Portrayed by Larry Herron (1991)
Kadeem Harrison (2009)
Episode Read Between the Lines
Status Alive

Andrew Garrett (better known as "Huxtable) is a character from "Read Between the Lines". He was a small-time rap producer in 1991. In truth, he still lived off his parents, who ran a mortuary.

Huxtable met Donalyn Sullivan, aka. Sugar Dawn, who was brought in by Zeb "Zen" Edwards. He saw potential in the young rapper but told her to rap about something "real". This caused Donalyn to write "Read Between the Lines".

Huxtable has taken over his family mortuary by 2009. He still promotes indie rappers on his blog. In the epilogue, he finally got to hear "Read Between the Lines" on Big Soph's radio show.