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Andi in 1973
Andi Simmons
Portrayed by Alicia Ziegler
Episode Superstar
Status Deceased (1973)

Andi Simmons was a tennis star in 1973. Believing she was "born with the racket", her father, Bill Simmons, conditioned her ability since she was five years old.

Andi tried out for the campus tennis team and made Varsity her freshman year. This didn't sit well with senior tennis star Grace Anderson, who tried to humiliate her. Eventually, the two would smooth that rough patch over and take steps to being friends. Andi was also written about non-stop by Eric Witt, a reporter for the campus newspaper who'd developed a crush on her.

On the night of the campus' "Battle for the Sexes" fundraiser game, Andi won against Fritz Adams. When her father picked her up, he began to want to withdraw her from college, causing Andi to protest. They got into an argument, as she wanted to quit tennis and have a normal college life. Bill angrily stated that he made her into the star she was, and left her dorm room.

A few minutes later, Eric, who'd called Andi during the argument with her father, would show up to console her. Upon calling her a superstar, Andi felt creeped out and ordered him not to call her that. Eric became angry, echoing her father's argument that he "made her who she was" and strangled Andi to death in her dorm room. She was found the next morning.

Throughout the flashbacks, Andi kept dropping hints to the other characters that she was being stalked. No one understood this, not even her father.

She appeared to Lilly Rush on the tennis court after her murder was solved.


  • Andi was portrayed by Alicia Ziegler, who had already appeared as an extra in season 1's "A Time to Hate".