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Ana Castilla
Ana in 1998
Ana Castilla
Portrayed by Lela Loren
Episode Sanctuary
Status Deceased (1998)

Ana Castilla is the victim in "Sanctuary". She was a drug mule working for Ramiro. Ana came to Philadelphia in 1998 along with two other mules, Delia and Ceci. She just wanted to help her family still in Colombia, then get out of the drug trade and find an office job.

Ana became friends with Scotty Valens, who was undercover in Ramiro's ring at the time. Scotty felt something special for Ana but she rejected him because he told her that he had a girlfriend. Ana advised him to take the relationship seriously.

On what she thought was her last run, Ana's passport was stolen by Ramiro. She also found out that Delia died after the drug packets (or "cookies") she ingested burst and had to be cut out of her by Ramiro's henchman, Hector. Ana stole two cookies in hopes of trading them back for her passport. When she was about to be killed by Ramiro, Father Peralta saved her and gave her some money to run.

Ana sought help from Manny Fernandez but he refused so their undercover operation would not be blown. Scotty secretly put the operation at risk by giving her his undercover number in case she needed help. Ana finally was picked up by Ceci and her boyfriend, who turned out to be Hector. When she would not tell them where the cookies were, they killed her by cutting her body open.

In 2006, Ana's case was reopened after Ramiro was arrested. Catching Ana's killers was a personal matter for Scotty. After her murder is solved, Ana's spirit is last seen by Scotty as he is praying for her soul. It turned out that she taped the cookies to a statue of the Virgin Mary in Father Peralta's church.