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Amy Lind
Amy in 1999
Amy Lind
Portrayed by Sarah Jane Morris
Episode Start Up
Status Deceased (1999)

Amy Lind was a former millionaire and the victim in "Start Up". She was the younger sister of Alora Lind and older sister of the late Gage Lind. They live near a canal, where Amy likes to row.

Amy and her college friend/partner Scott Sawyer founded Lionstaff, an internet medical search engine, with the help of their main bankroller Clifton Coleman. She created Lionstaff in memory of Gage, who died young of a seizure.

Scott's reckless spending and poor marketing ideas put them in debt. Amy was told by Coleman to fire Scott but she refused. She then noticed that Lionstaff's stock was being short sold and tried to get to the bottom of it, prompting Coleman to pressure Scott into killing Amy before she dug deeper.

Amy was given a poisoned drink by Scott and died of a heart attack while she was out rowing. Ironically, she made peace with Scott just before, thanking him for being a loyal partner. Lionstaff eventually went bust.

Her case was reopened in 2005 after a schoolboy brought in a laptop that used to belong to Lionstaff with death threats to Amy hidden in its hard drive. In an amusing twist, the death threats had nothing to do with her death; one of Amy's former employees, Malvinder Khatani, confessed his romantic feelings towards her but she turned him down. His wife found out and wrote the threats in frustration. Nevertheless, this led to her murder being solved. Amy's spirit is last seen by Alora, rowing on the canal like always.