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Alyssa Lane 1999
Alyssa in 1999
Alyssa Lane 2009
Alyssa in 2009
Alyssa Lane
Portrayed by Cherilyn Rae Wilson (1999)
Vail Bloom (2009)
Episode Forensics
Status Alive

Alyssa Lane was a classmate and debate teammate of murder victim Luke Cronin at Maynerd Green High School.


Alyssa became Luke's debate partner when he transferred to Maynerd Green High School, replacing her old partner Oliver Calhoun. In the midst of debate, he tried to make an argument from the heart, but it would fail miserably during a round of debate; his change of presenting his and Alyssa's case/argument would irk those watching them. As he spoke, she wrote a threatening note in their unique shorthand.

After the debate, Alyssa revealed to Luke that her grades were lower than she claimed and one of the judges was a faculty member of UMASS Dartmouth, the college that she was determined to attend after Maynerd.

Alyssa had a change of heart after Luke died. She became a volunteer working with refugees.

Alyssa was working in Paraguay when she heard that Luke's case was reopened in 2009. Her note was discovered by another student, Keith Oats. She helped the police de-code a shorthand letter that Luke gave to his dad, allowing them to solve his murder. Alyssa watched as her former coach Darren Musk was arrested.