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Alora Lind in 1999
Alora in 1999
Alora Lind in 2005
Alora in 2005
Alora Lind
Portrayed by Valerie Dillman
Episode Start Up
Status Alive

Alora Lind is a character in "Start Up". She was the elder sister of Amy Lind. They had a younger brother Gage, who died young of a seizure.

Amy and her partner Scott Sawyer built their company LionStaff out of the sisters' house. They convinced Clifton Coleman to bankroll them. Amy died mere months later in 1999.

It turned out that Clifton and Scott murdered Amy when she started catching on to them short selling LionStaff's stock. Justice was eventually served as the two of them were arrested, but Alora must still go on without either of her siblings. In the epilogue, she imagines Amy rowing on the lake.