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Alison Huxley in 1979
Alison in 1979
Alison Huxley in 2006
Alison in 2006
Alison Huxley
Portrayed by Allison Dunbar (1979)
Diane Cary (2006)
Episode The Key
Status Alive

Alison Huxley was a character from "The Key". She is the ex-wife of Bill Huxley and mother of Jed Huxley.

In 1979, Alison tried to embrace the swinging lifestyle introduced by Joe Livingston but was too cynical to believe in it. She was drunk and medicated most of the time. Alison didn't care much for her husband's affair with their friend Libby Bradley. Her issues made her neglectful to Jed, a factor which later caused him to kill Libby.

By 2006, Alison is divorced from Bill. She's now sober and has become a yoga instructor. It's unknown what Alison thought about her son Jed being Libby's killer.