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Alice Watson in 1991
Alice in 1991
Alice Watson in 2009
Alice in 2009
Alice Watson
Portrayed by Lanai Chapman (1991)
Iona Morris (2009)
Episode Read Between the Lines
Status Arrested

Alice Watson was the foster mother of Donalyn and Meesha Sullivan in 1991.

While Alice bonded with Meesha, Donalyn was jaded and kept her distance from her. Her husband Kenneth Watson was a sexual predator who had his eye on Donalyn, unbeknownst to Alice, and Donalyn planned to get a record deal to escape the home with her sister Meesha and provide them with a better life.

After Donalyn ran away, Alice found her at the nightclub where they argued in the basement. Donalyn insisted she and Meesha were leaving and picked up a pipe to defend herself when Alice grabbed her. Alice protested but Donalyn threatened to call CPS about Kenneth and told Alice that she'd never see either of them again. Panicked and angered, Alice grabbed another pipe while Donalyn tried to walk away and hit her in the back of the head, killing her. She instantly regretted this, tearfully apologizing to Donalyn's body before fleeing.

Afterwards, Alice left her husband and did her best to raise Meesha. When Donalyn's case was reopened in 2009, Alice was eventually arrested. She shared a sad look with Meesha while being taken away.