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Alice Stallworth in 1947
Alice in 1947
Alice Stallworth in 2006
Alice in 2006
Alice Stallworth
Portrayed by Enuka Okuma (1947)
L. Scott Caldwell (2006)
Episode Sandhogs
Status Alive

Alice Stallworth is a character from "Sandhogs".

She was a diner waitress in 1947. Alice's husband Nate Stallworth was killed in the tunnels in 1948. She later began a romantic relationship with Nate's best friend, John Donovan, cultivated after many nights spent talking as they both dealt with their grief over losing Nate. Later, John broke up with Alice to prevent her from being hurt by his boss, Sam Bertleman Sr.. Alice was left heartbroken believing John had abandoned her.

Alice would give birth to their son (named Donovan) not long after John's death, not telling him of her pregnancy. The last time she saw John, she noticed his special lighter, which somehow ended up in the possession of Bobby McCallister. This is the clue that allowed the cold case team to pin the murder on Bobby in 2006.

In the epilogue, Alice shows her son his late father's possessions. She then goes back to the old diner and imagines meeting John there for a final dance.