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Alice B. Harris
Portrayed by Rebecca Wisocky
Episode Torn
Status Deceased

Alice B. Harris is a character from "Torn". In 1919, she is the leader of a suffragette chapter in Philadelphia and for that is considered a public menace.

She gave Frances Stone a pamphlet, leading to her and Philippa "Phil" Abruzzi attending Alice's meetings. She noticed Frances' potential and encouraged her to stay true to herself despite her initial fear. One day when they were preparing for a protest, Alice's house was raided and everyone there was arrested, with the corrupt officers accusing her of running a brothel. It turned out that Phil was forced to inform on Alice to the police. Frances mentioned that Alice was beaten while in jail.

Three days later, Alice and her fellow suffragettes were released after a judge voided their charges. She continued campaigning until the 19th Amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920.

Over the decades, Alice became known as a key figure in the fight for women's votes. At some point before her death, she was interviewed by Janice Warner. Alice never forgot about Frances, who was mysteriously murdered the evening of their arrest, and even discussed her during one of her meetings with Janice.

In the epilogue, the spirit of Alice watches over Frances' descendant, Emma Stone, in Janice's class as they're studying the history of women's suffrage.