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Alex Caceres in 2002
Alex in 2002
Alex Caceres in 2004
Alex in 2004
Alex Caceres
Portrayed by Jerry Hernandez
Episode Jurisprudence
Status Deceased (2004)

Alex Caceres was a teenage boy who was killed in May of 2004 by Evan Price, the headmaster of Havenhurst Juvenile Detention Facility. He was incarcerated at Havenhurst after Judge Harold Alvarez sentenced him to 18 months there since Detective Scotty Valens arrived late to his trial, unable to testify on his behald.

Life and Death[]

Alex's life was not easy; his father had been incarcerated since he was in infant while his mother and ten-year-old brother were killed in a drive-by shooting in 2002. To make matters worse, he'd presented himself to the court six months earlier when he was involved in a drug-trafficking ring after being forced to do so by his foster parents.

Alex's life on trial wasn't much easy either, as he is then sentenced to 18 months at Havenhurst Juvenile Detention Facility after Scotty shows up late to his trial.

While at Havenhurst, Alex made a name for himself as the "guardian angel" of Michael Rogers, another inmate who was 11 years old at the time and was unable to protect himself from abuse (physical) by other inmates and even the counselors. This shows the viewer how big Alex's heart was for others he barely even knew, and how life screwed him over big-time.

When questioned about the blood on his shirt one day by Jimmy Clarke, who was the workshop teacher, his lawyer, Marci Rich was brought in when he wouldn't talk about it. He told her to look out for and get Michael transferred, all the while learning the meaning of Jurisprudence.

After that, Alex then sees Michael get beat up by a couple of bigger boys, which catches the attention of counselor Laticia Myers, who tells him that Michael stole a pen. Alex, in truth, stole the pen. He yells at and backs up into Meyers, before Clarke comes in and escorts him away. Clarke yells at him and leaves.

Alex then brings up the scheme that Price and Alvarez had been hatching with Price. Jurisprudence was also a ski lodge owned by Alvarez' sister-in-law, and if they got more boys into Havenhurst, they'd get more money, which is why boys were getting screwed over, including Alex.

Before he could call anyone that would listen, Price bangs Alex's head against the wall, causing him to fall over and writhe in pain. Wanting to shut him up, Evan then ties up Alex's hands so he's unable to move, and shoves crumpled up napkins in his mouth to shut him up so "he can think."

Alex ends up choking on the napkins and dies and Price gets him into his room before the police arrived. His case would later be solved 5 years later, his ghost appearing to Michael while he and Scotty are out, smiling at him before he fades away.