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Albert Miller 2003
Albert in 2003
Albert Miller
Portrayed by Mark Bernier
Episode Gleen
Status Alive

In 1983, Dana Deamer was due to testify and provide evidence that Albert Miller was a sexual offender who had exposed himself to multiple women. Dana died before she could take the stand and Miller was the prime suspect in her murder. Lack of evidence meant he wasn't convicted.

In 2003, Lorraine Loomis and Gwen Deamer brought the case to Detective Rush and the team's attention, and it was reopened. Miller, by this point, was serving time for walking naked through a girl's middle school. Due to be paroled, he was re-investigated by the team, but once they found evidence that the killer knew personal details about Dana (the type of washing powder she used), they realised that it was unlikely Miller was the murderer.

After Miller's parole, Gwen tracked him down and smashed up his car, angry that the man she thought had killed her mother had been let out. Miller called Rush and, after talking to her, agreed not to press charges against Gwen.