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Al Wasserlauf 1969
Al in 1969
Al Wasserlauf 2010
Al in 2010
Al Wasserlauf
Portrayed by Brian Guest (1969)
Dale Dye (2010)
Episode Free Love
Status Arrested

Al Wasserlauf is a character in "Free Love". He is a farmer who lives in Woodstock. Al served in Vietnam but then got injured and was no longer able to serve no matter how many times he reapplied.

In 1969, Woodstock became the site of a music festival, which Al hated. He found David Quinn and Annabelle Bennet sheltering in his barn. She went back to the festival but David stayed and helped Al out doing chores. Al agreed to buy David's car.

Al rummaged through David's things and found his orders to return for his second tour of duty. How could David report back to base if he has no car? Al figured that David was a deserter. He accused David of cowardice and pointed a gun at him, refusing to listen to David's stories of atrocities in Vietnam. There was a struggle and Al shot him. David walked away to die.

In 2010, Al met Detectives Lilly Rush and Ryan Cavanaugh while they were also sheltering in his barn. Annabelle told them that David went to sell his car to Al. The car was never found, so who had it? They got a warrant to search Al's barn and found the car. Al confessed and was arrested.