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Baltimore Red 1963
"Baltimore Red" in 1963
Baltimore Red 2009
"Baltimore Red" in 2009
Al "Baltimore Red" Soddenheim
Portrayed by Billy Jayne (1963)
John Bennett Perry (2009)
Episode November 22nd
Status Alive

Baltimore Red is a minor character in "November 22nd". He is an almost mythical pool player in Philly. His real name is Al Soddenheim. Red is a well-to-do man living in the Chestnut Hill suburbs. He only accepts challengers when they pay the $2,000 game fee.

On November 21, 1963, Red received a game fee to face Patrick Lennox and had his driver pick up Patrick at his motel room. His license plate was identified by Hillary Rhodes. Red lost one game and went double or nothing. They played 'till the wee hours of the next morning. Red was on the brink of losing again when Patrick stopped, took half his winnings and left his pool cue behind.

In 2009, Red gave back Patrick's cue. He is last seen coming out of seclusion to play another round at Whitey's.