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Abby Bradford in 1999
Abby in 1999
Abby Bradford in 2007
Abby in 2007
Abby Bradford
Portrayed by Darcy Rose Byrnes (1999)
Jennifer Lawrence (2007)
Episode A Dollar, A Dream
Status Alive

Abby Bradford was the younger daughter of Marlene Bradford from the episode "A Dollar, A Dream".


Abby was a kind, cheerful, and somewhat innocent little girl who already understood her family's current situation ever since they lost everything they owned after her father died of cancer. She was supposedly celebrating her 10th birthday when her mother disappeared that day, nowhere to be found. After that incident, Abby and her older sister, Natalie, were sent into foster care. Abby was luckily adopted by a caring foster family, but Natalie was not. As a result, they were separated and grew apart.

In 2007, Abby was 17 when she learned that her mother had in fact died over 7 years ago by a gunshot wound. She met with the police at Fairmount Park, where her mother's body was found. Abby always believed that Marlene wouldn't just abandon her family like that, especially on her birthday.

Though she initially claimed not to remember much from her time on the streets, Abby admitted to the detectives how she took Marlene's gun when left alone in the car once and witnessed Natalie's argument with their mother. Abby maintained her faith in Marlene, stating that her mother did everything she could for her and her sister.

After the case was solved, Abby reunited with Natalie, who she still missed after all those years, and they saw their mother's ghost smiling at them in the park.