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Aaron Dutra in 1992
Aaron in 1992
Aaron Dutra in 2004
Aaron in 2004
Aaron Dutra
Portrayed by Jon Hershfield (1992)
Joel Stoffer (2004)
Episode Late Returns
Status Alive

Aaron Dutra was the ex boyfriend/fiancé of murder victim Vanessa Prosser. In the beginning, they loved each other dearly. But when he enlisted, specfically for the gulf war (1990-1991), things changed between the young lovers. During his absence, she began working for the Bill Clinton-Al Gore election campaign in 1992. There, she fell in love with David Lake, the handsome campaign coordinator/president for the Clintons, the same group Vanessa was in. It was love at first sight too for David when he met the beautiful blonde. But sadly, this relationship would also “go down the drain.” So pretty much when after he returned, Vanessa forgot about him and moved on with David. To this day (2004), it really upsets Aaron to talk about the woman he loved and stills loves; the girlfriend he was supposed to marry; his almost wife. Also, he would be accused of Vanessa’s murder because of the mentioned info above. But he would be found not guilty as her real killer, David Lake sadly and his own sister, Abbey Lake who was his accomplice in the henious deed were found. But David couldn’t be arrested because of strict orders, specifically the police comissioner‘s. But happily, Abbey was for her death and Darren Kleeman’s death, Vanessa’s father!