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Sweet Sil Tavern 1986
"Sweet" in 1986
Sweet Sil Tavern 2010
"Sweet" in 2010
"Sweet" Sil Tavern
Portrayed by Stacey Hinnen (1986)
Roddy Piper (2010)
Episode One Fall
Status Arrested

"Sweet" Sil Tavern is a character from "One Fall". He was a wrestler for WIC and had a long relationship with its promoter Lance Katrola. He used to be a security guard before becoming a professional wrestler.

Sil became rivals with Mick "The Machine" Malone in the ring and even lost the WIC Championship to him, but they were friends backstage. They bonded because they were both fathers (except Sil has not seen his son Adam in a long time).

Sil was told by Lance to put Mick through a table during their rematch. Sil didn't want to do this but he complied and almost broke Mick's neck. He went back to the locker room angry and threatened a nosy cameraman with a gun given to him by Nate "Red Scare" Beecher in exchange for steroids.

Mick's son Tim Malone then imitated the table spot and fell into a coma for five days. Sil visited Tim in the hospital.

One night, Mick wanted to meet Lance at the docks. Sil accompanied Lance and gave him the gun from Red Scare. Lance and Mick got into an argument because Mick wanted to quit due to the unplanned table spot and for what happened to his son. It got physical and Mick headbutted Lance. Lance shot him dead. Sil witnessed the murder but said nothing and disposed of the gun.

The gun was picked up by someone who later donated it to a Guns for Groceries program in 2010. This got Mick's case reopened. Sil appears in two-bit conventions and still believes that Lance will resurrect his career. He lied about selling the gun back to Mick when the cold case team saw the bootleg footage of him threatening the cameraman. Both Sil and Lance were interrogated. Before their lawyers arrived, Sil was tricked into thinking that Lance gave him up so he gave him up first. They both got arrested.